“Offida from Ophida
from the Roman Oppidum
fortified city”


Cantina Offida is located in the village of Offida in Le Marche in central Italy and it’s a historical reality of the territory, it was born in the 70’s and immediately became such an important wine farm for the quality and the quantity of processed grapes for the various tenants of the area.

“Oenologist and agronomist work together with the winemaker for a constant quality”


The historical wine cellar is acquired in 2010 by a wine group of the Piceno territory that implement its new business strategy starting from the wine campaign 2010: the production is regulated with the agreements of Filiera, a set of production that is maintained for a long period.


The wine cellar through its technical figures of the agronomist and the oenologist can interact with the winemaker to guarantee a constant quality and the possibility to make zonings of the best vineyards.

“60,000 quintals a year of native varieties of the area”


Cantina Offida is based on an agricultural logic through which the figures of the winemaker, of the winery (as a processing and marketing phases) are well defined in their roles and work on a long-term project and the logic of production of high quality wines. Cantina Offida works about 60.000 quintal of grapes per annum from the autochthonous variety of the territory; passerina, pecorino, rosso piceno, rosso piceno superiore, sangiovese to syrah, cabernet, merlot, chardonnay.


Cantina Offida immediately launched a series of renovations of its wall structures and winemaking technologies, very consistent aging and bottling with the express purpose of making this company one of the landmarks of Le Marche.